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A small Selection of Holocaust Pictures

Adolf Eichmann's Transports of Death

Not Even The Children Were Spared..Death in Nordhausan

Joseph Mengele , The Angel of Death

Adolf Hitler, The Madman of Europe(1944-45)

Reichsfuehrer-SS Heinrich Himmler (1944)

Entrance to Auschwitch (sign says 'Work makes free')

Burning Bodies at the Pits, Auschwitz

Forced Death March from Dachau

Mass Execution in Russia committed by the Einsatzgruppen 1

Mortal Enemy of the Reich

Just Before Death, Einsatzgruppen in Russia

Mass Execution in Russia committed by the Einsatzgruppen 2

Rare Picture of Adolf Eichmann (1939-40)

Entrance to the Gas Chambers (Auschwitz)

Child Survivors in Dachau

SS Women Forced To Bury The Dead in Belsen

The Beating of a Jew in the Ghetto

Liberated Children

German Troops cut off a Jewish Mans Beard

All Jews Were Forced to Wear The Star of David

Jew Being Beaten in the Street

Picked for the gas chambers

Burning the bodies

Auschwitz Death Camp


In the name of thier God

Death in the Chamber


Victims of the Experiments

The Reality